This is a popular post. I don’t know that people are looking for this specifically, but they are usually looking for Carlos Hathcock or Ron Szpond.

The Festering Blurb:Bursting Open w/Pungent Prose



One Shot One Kill

Here’s a book that actually has a good blurb.  It sounds like a trailer for an action movie:


Damn, that’s heavy.  But this isn’t a movie.  It’s not a Tom Clancy novel. It’s for reals, y’all.  It’s not glamorous, fun, or hip.  It’s damned dirty work. Soul-sucking, back-breaking, lonely work.  After reading this book, it’s my considered opinion that, while all the armed forces have their “special” teams, sharpshooters/snipers are the most special.  For the simple reason that they have to do their job alone or with 1 spotter. Lonely.  They get dropped in dangerously close to the enemy. Suicidal.  They have to keep still for hours and hours and hours.  Torturous. 

You have to be the sort of man (as far as I know, there are no women snipers) who is okay being alone with only your thoughts for company.  You also have to be…

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