Skippyjon Jones: A Siamese Cat Who Thinks He’s a Chihuahua

How freaking adorable is this kitty! This is a popular post. You should see all the ways that Chihuahua has been spelled. It’s pretty funny. has all of the Skippyjon books, but make sure you’re getting one of the story books. I picked up one that turned out to be some weird kid’s game. It wasn’t a storybook. Caveat emptor.
These books have an endearing innocence. I say bring innocence back to childhood.

The Festering Blurb:Bursting Open w/Pungent Prose


Remember those cartoons about Ralph, the little boy who would become consumed by his fantasies? Well, imagine Ralph is a Siamese cat named Skippyjon Jones and he likes to affect a Mexican accent and be a hero.  The first book is wonderful!  He is banished to his room and goes into “Ralph” mode to become El Skippito. 


Skippyjon JonesI was happy to see that SKIPPYJON JONES, the first book, won an award for Best Read-Aloud Book. Judy Schachner, the author, has created something very special.  Everything about the character and his family (Mama Junebug Jones, Joo-Joo Bee, Jillyboo) is just too adorable.  You’re going “awwww…” practically every page.

I noticed at that a couple of reviewers took offense at the nod to Mexican culture.  Considering how the language of urban African-Americans has pervaded even corporate-speak, I really don’t see what they are complaining about.  Surburban children…

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