William Levy is making his way in the world. He lives in Miami. He’s starred in an American B-list motion picture, a couple of tv shows, and his biggest American hit so far — Dancing With The Stars. He was the only reason that I watched that show. Haven’t looked at it since. He and his partner got 3rd, I think. It’s all over the YouTubes.
This is a popular post, which is why I’m re-blogging it. His best telenovelas have been Cuidado Con El Angel and Sortilegio. The rest are pure rubbish ( La Tempestad, Triunfo del Amor). There are older ones — Pasion, Accoralada, and Olvidarte Jamas. There’s so much of him to watch. Not like Travis Fimmel — whom I love, but had to wait for years after WB’s Tarzan for something of his to watch.
William is on Facebook and Twitter.

The Festering Blurb:Bursting Open w/Pungent Prose


All of these are related to Cuban telenovela superstar superhunk <<Guapisimo Mangote>>   If the heroine is Jacqueline Bracamontes who was his co-star in SORTILEGIO, then that’s a “Levymontes” story. Geddit???  If the heroine is Maite Perroni who was his co-star in CUIDADO CON EL ANGEL, then it’s a “Levyrroni” story.  Personally, I prefer Bracamontes, whom I call…

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