Making Hay While the Sun Shines: Little Britain

Inside Little Britain

At the page for this book, one of the pull-quotes states that the reader read it cover to cover in one day. Bull! Shit! Even doing a “David Walliams-swim-the-the-channel-marathon” of reading, it would not be possible without skipping over a lot of stuff. Maybe skipping the stuff that’s in sans serif type.  I read it while I was sick at home and it took me the better part of three days. 

What I do agree with and that is not a total lie is that you really have to be a serious fan of the show and the duo to stick to reading this book.  It’s a good account of their 2005-2006 tour, but I’m reading this in 2013.  And I bought it in 2009.  So they have pretty much come and gone.  I saw David Walliams in A League of Their Own with James Corden. Haven’t seen Matt Lucas in anything other than Graham Norton.  So I don’t know if they are still at it.  (According to IMDB, they are doing a lot of stuff, just not LB stuff.)

The book is very intimate and yet glosses over a lot of negative stuff.  But the negative stuff was never the point.  It’s not meant to be an expose.  (I don’t know how to do the accent over the e.)  You do get a sense of how the media are total scums. They are basically in the business of lying through their teeth to sell papers or magazines or whatever. 

My favorite stuff about the book is its hidden wisdom on handling the vagaries of fame.  The truly successful famous are business-minded.  They get involved in all the decision-making; they broker deals; get involved with information technology.  They know how to honor engagements and be diplomatic.  Doesn’t sound like your average stoner/doper/drinker celebrity.  Not just them. Their families have to deal with a lot of crap from truly crap people. I especially love how Matt Lucas is a total Gooner! Then David goes and swims the freaking English Channel! In a record 10 1/2 hours!

So, it’s a damn long book. It has its tedious bits and its riveting bits.  Boyd Hilton has done a good job of assembling an ass-load of information and distilling it to something quite wonderfully atmospheric.  I would love to see a book about behind-the-scenes at The IT Crowd.  Did anybody take notes?



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