Borders Books’ “We Blew It” Sale

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First of all, the reason this is in “Travel” is because I had to go out of town to get to a Borders Books. 

The entire chain is going out of business.  They messed up and that means – BARGAINS!  The store at Huebner Oaks was a mess.  A few days after they started the going-out-of-business sale, but not close enough to the last day.  There’s still a lot of inventory, but it’s all over the place.  I got dizzy looking at piles of books, stacks of books, shelves of books, tables spilling over with books.  I should have grabbed some blank books, except that I have too many already.  And look where I’m doing my writing!

The discounts were pretty much what you would expect: 50%, 70%.  Nice! When a huge music store in the same city was closing, I went in about three days before they shut down for good.  I grabbed armfuls of classical CDs!  Maybe about $600 worth of complete operas, complete symphony cycles, concerto collections. Oh My God! It was the BEST feeling!  How much did I pay for my swag? $80.  80 Dollars!  Eighty! Dollars!  It was glorious!

So I actually did not pick up that much stuff at Borders, but – if my receipt is to be believed, I saved $40 and change off the total price. It was a good day for bargains.

Here’s what I got:

Product DetailsI absolutely LOVE this series.  This is, like, my 5th or 6th one. I love them because they are designed to be portable, and you can write in them.  I carried my Marcus Aurelius book in my purse for about a year, reading whenever I was waiting in some line somewhere or when I was not in the mood to deal with people. (Well, that one kind of backfired because as soon as I got engrossed, suddenly everyone had something to say to me. Oy!)  I highly recommend the Penguin Books Great Ideas series. It’s a top series!

  Product Details  

I’ve been wanting to read more Bellow ever since I read HERZOG.  I was impressed with that story, with how connected Bellow is to people.  It’s like he creates these holograms of characters with words – real, but not real.  Tangible.




Product Details

How gorgeous is this cover! I love green, and this design hits my “g”-spot (“g” for green, of course!)  NO MERCYand BAD MOON RISING were beautiful, too.  Whoever the designer is, I love how they take one basic color and work it.



  Product Details

This book is on so many favorites/awards lists, it’s unreal.  Also, I used to know a guy named Augie. As good a reason as any… lol.





The Atlantic - Fiction 2011The Atlantic magazine FICTION 2011 special issue, and The Official Guide to The GRE, ETS, publ.

Very small haul for me.  But I had other priorities that day. Still, the total came out to considerably less than $100.  I’d love for B&N to have an insane discount sale like that sometimes.



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  2. Never thought of it that way.


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