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I’ve been a fan of book tie-ins for about twenty years and I don’t see that changing.  Book tie-ins to movies and tv shows is, I think, a recent development.  I started noticing them around the end of the 80s/early90s.  With the popularity of the film A ROOM WITH A VIEW by E.M. Forster, there was an upswing in film adaptations of 20th century novels.  Forster, Henry James, Jane Austen, John Galsworthy – broke out of the Masterpiece Theatre fishbowl (which was woefully stagnant at the end of the decade).  Kenneth Brannagh brought Shakespeare to the screen with fresh innovations and daring casting choices.  The literature you were obligated to read in school emerged from cliquish public television to populist big screen.  The BRIDESHEAD REVISITED lot of the early 80s lost their cult status.

Publishers were smart to cash in on tie-ins.  Book covers became billboards selling the movie – featuring the lead stars  and the movie’s logo.  The author’s name there as an afterthought on many of them, but I figure, what the hell.  Whatever brings you to great literature – get there however you can, just get there!  The best part about movie tie-ins: THE BOOK IS BETTER THAN THE MOVIE! Sucker!!!

Heh heh.  As far as BURN NOTICE is concerned, literature it ain’t.  What it is, quite simply, is a damn good print version of a television episode.  You hear Michael’s and Sam’s and Fiona’s voices coming through loud and clear from the pages of the story that flows like a swift creek, burbling over smooth rocks, purposefully and relentlessly.  There’s even the voice-over of Michael clueing us in on what’s going on the minds of characters and why people are doing that voodoo that they do so well.  Just like on the tv show.  That is a good tv show tie-in.  It helps that the author Tod Goldberg is a professional writer and assistant professor of creative writing.  He’s done a super job of translating the vivid action of a tv show to the dull newsprint of a mass market paperback – yet – YET – the paperback version is just as vivid (if you’re not a complete turnip) as watching the show.  AND NO COMMERCIALS.  (btw, I looked up Tod Goldberg at UC-Riverside and it does not list him.  The book is two years old, so maybe he’s moved on.There’s three books out so far. See below.  I wish they would have done this with JAG.  There was only two books out for that one.  And where are the NCIS tie-ins??? C’mon, people.  Someone in marketing is not doing their job. {There are some NCIS books by Mel Odom, but they are not related to the tv show.) The JAG books are “JAG #1” (informal title) and “JAG Clean Steel”  The links will take you to but there are sometimes copies available through sellers at  I’ve got two of each! Nice.

Product Details Product Details Product Details

DVD/Season 1

DVD/Season 2

DVD/Season 3

Product Details Product Details Product Details
JAG 2: Clean Steel

The Robert Tine page at Amazon


 The Tod Goldberg page at Amazon

JAG: The Novel Brideshead Revisited Product Details

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  1. Posted by Steve on January 10, 2011 at 12:36 AM

    I love these books! And Goldberg is still at UCR:


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