Webnovelas feat. William Levy–Part 3

Browing through the great stats that WordPress provides has shown me that my webnovela posts and my Acheron posts get the most hits.  While there’s not much more to say about Acheron, glorious though he is, the webnovela trend is seemingly endless.  Here’s a new batch of stories from the fan forums at www.univision.com.  Some are from William Levy’s forums and some are from Jacqueline Bracamontes’s forums. I mostly save them to MSWord in order to read them more comfortably because, frankly, many of these, labor of love though they are, are almost impossible to read in their original form.  There’s too much visual clutter or the font and colors are mucky.

Jacky Bracamontes Forum at www.univision.com.

William Levy at Univision


Conspiracion (Conspiracy) – Levyrroni

Una Noche No Es Suficiente (One Night Is Not Enough) – Levyrroni

No Debo Amarte (I Shouldn’t Love You) – Levyrroni

Quien Decide Es El Amor (Love Decides {?}) – Levyrroni

El Amante(The Lover) – Levyrroni

— This one sounds better in Spanish than it does in English.  The original English language novel is by Robin Schone.  I found a copy through www.ebay.com

Lujuria Animal(Animal Lust) – Levyrroni

— Dumb and tedious in any language.  Available in English at www.amazon.com.

Las Manos de Pua (The Thorny Hands???) – Levyrroni

El Leñador (The Woodsman) – Nicolas y Sandra/LevyMontes

This one I really liked. It reads like a Silhouette Desire. 

Noches Traviesas (Naughty Nights) – Levyrroni

This is a translation of the Lora Leigh novel of the Mackay family –the “Nauti” boys.  The original three stories can be found hereabouts: Nauti Dreams, Nauti Boy, and this one.


— a forum post with links to all her adapted stories including the original author in case you want to look for them in English.

Lo Que Esconden Tus Ojos(What Your Eyes Hide) – LevyMontes

Un Dia Nuevo Para Amar (A New Day to Love) – LevyMontes

Un Fin de Semana Erotico (An Erotic Weekend) – LevyMontes

— The original english version is available through Ellora’s Cave Publishing.  The original author is Cheyenne McCray.{Cheyenne McCray at www.amazon.com. }

Loca Obsesion (Crazy Obsession)  — LevyMontes

Amar A La Ladrona (To Love A Thief) – LevyMontes

Webnovelas by “bambooch”

— I recommend “Fantasias Privadas” (Private Fantasies/there’s an English version available – sort of) and “El Tutor” (Robin Schone’s The Tutor)

— Don’t bother with “La Mujer de Gabriel”, the sequel to “The Lover” by Schone. It sucks and blows in two languages."



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    I’m sorry to report that the links no longer work. Univision has completely redone their site and no longer has forums for these stars. They just have news feeds now.


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