Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops–The Final Mission


I’m crying. Crying like a baby.  Crying like a baby that’s missing it’s mashed bananas.  Why? Some of the most interesting men in romance writing are being put to bed.  Not by me, unfortunately.  Sigh…Reno, his bro-in-law Clint, Kell the Cajun ‘gator, Ian (my fav!!!), Nathan/Noah, Macey the electronics whiz, Micah/Maverick, Travis/Black Jack, Nik Steele/Renegade, John/Heatseeker – done and dusted.  

I remember how excited I was when the series morphed into Elite Ops from Tempting SEALs.  And now, the final mission is Jordan Malone’s, Nathan/Noah’s uncle.  He’s about a thousand years old and his possible love interest is Teyha Talamosi who is about nine.  Hyperbole? Probably.  But not by much.  He’s easily twenty years older than she is.  Still, she’s lead a hard life and is more than equal to the task of putting up with Jordan.  And as per usual, he’s got a chest like an aircraft carrier no doubt, while she’s a body double for Tinkerbell.  Ugh.  The cover to his book is well-hot, though.  I will have to re-read the last two books because I got the impression that Teyha is not the only candidate for the heart of Jordan Malone.  Again, very vague.  Don’t quote me on that.

So here’s a chart with some vital stats.  Click on the title to go to the sale page at www.amazon.com.






Reno Chavez American (Hispanic) Raven McIntyre Clint McIntyre’s sister HONK IF YOU LOVE REAL MEN: Reno’s Chance
Clint McIntyre American Morganna Chavez Reno Chavez’s sister DANGEROUS GAMES
Kell Kreiger AM: Louisiana Cajun Emily Paige Stanton Senator Stanton’s daughter HIDDEN AGENDAS
Ian Richards American/Colombian Kira Porter DHS Contract Agent KILLER SECRETS
Macey March American Emerson Delaney goddaughter of Admiral Holloran RESCUE ME: Atlanta Heat


Nathan Malone/Noah Blake American/Irish Sabella Malone wife/widow of Nathan WILD CARD
Micah Sloane Israeli Risa Clay daughter of Jansen Clay from HA MAVERICK
John Vincent Australian Bailey Serborne former CIA HEATSEEKER
Travis Caine English “Lilly Belle” Elite Ops BLACK JACK
Nikolai Steele Russian Mikayla Martin witness to organized crime RENEGADE

Fringe Stories

Joe Merino American Maggie Samuels Joe appears in DANGEROUS GAMES REAL MEN DO IT BETTER: For Maggie’s Sake
Rick Grayson American Hannah Brookes sheriff in WILD CARD MEN OF DANGER: Hannah’s Luck


I don’t know if it was done on purpose, but it’s interesting how in the stories, a lot of the main action goes down at parties or clubs – mostly parties.  Probably the most unrealistic, but very cool thing is that these agents come from backgrounds you don’t usually find in the military – old money.  Those people don’t join the military. They sure as hell don’t become Special Forces.  Everyone knows it’s the working classes that populate the military.  So it’s a unique angle that Kell, Kira, Lilly Belle, Bailey, and Travis are from the privileged classes. Hence all the parties. 

Even though the stories in Elite Ops were repetitious to a ridiculous degree…

even though Ian’s eyes were hazel in HIDDEN AGENDAS and tobacco brown in KILLER SECRETS…

even though, there was less and less romance with every succeeding story…

even though particular endearments targeted at particular body parts were overused with alarming unoriginality…

the stories were truly exciting, adventure-filled, fun, and full of characters you can’t help but love!  As stories go, this series is a good investment if you like strong characters, especially strong female characters.  Women like Kira and Sabella are kind of inspiring.  They are good examples of the “think like a man/act like a woman” philosophy. 

And check out the fringe stories, too. Rick Grayson and Joe Merino are the same mold, but Rick is small-town and Joe is big-city. 

I wonder what’s next for Lora Leigh’s non-breed stories!  She should be commended for giving so much to her fans.  We bombarded her with demands for the Elite Ops to continue and she delivered big time.  Lora Leigh ROKZZZZ!


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  2. Posted by Joana S. Alves on May 27, 2015 at 3:48 PM

    Hi! I have a doubt regarding these series, and just got the courage to ask someone, so I’m really, really hoping you come here frequently and answer me, because I’m kind of desperate right now.
    I’ve read so far only ‘Reno’s Chance’ and ‘Dangerous Games’, and just started reading tonight ‘Hidden Agendas’. I’m rather confused by the reading order, because in Goodreads it says one thing, in other sites it says another… Well, you see what I’m getting at.
    But what is really annoying me is that I’ve been trying (but apparently not hard enough) to know what, and how exactly did the mission go, where our guys kill Fuentes’ wife and son, rescue the kidnapped girls and Nathan is kept there (sorry, I spoil myself, because I don’t like bad surprises that make me want to throw the e-reader at the wall; I did it on purpose when I first read about Fuentes’ son that was in the team). So basically, is there a book about this particular assignment? Maybe I’m just so tired of searching for it that I missed it in some site…
    By the way, regarding the part where you say, “even though (…)”, did you catch the error between ‘Reno’s Chance’ and ‘Dangerous Games’? Maybe I have a faulty copy of the first, but in that one, Raven says her mother is dead, but in the second, Clint, Morganna and Raven get together (separately) with said woman. Jesus, I’m losing my mind in all this confusion, sorry!
    And sorry for the long message (and for bothering, if that’s what happened when you saw way too many words).
    xoxo from Lisbon, Portugal


  3. Hi. Thank you your inquiry.
    It’s Raven’s father that died. Raven stopped talking to her mother, especially after she found out that the father beat her brother and the mother did not stop it.

    More information about the mission comes out in Hidden Agendas. One of the rescuers falls in love with one of the girls that got rescued.

    I hope this helps.


    • Posted by Joana S. Alves on May 28, 2015 at 12:23 PM

      Thanks so much for your time!
      Yes, I know about that. I just thought it was strange that in ‘Reno’s Chance’, Raven mentioned her mother was dead — since I’d already read in ‘Dangerous Games’ about the true familiar dynamic in her family.
      I also already know about Fuentes’ son, and that one of the rescuers falls in love with one of the girls; it’s the current book I’m reading. I’d just like to read about the said mission, how did it all start, all of that. It’s a shame there’s not a book about it, or if it is, that I haven’t found it…
      Oh well.
      Thanks again!
      xoxo from Lisbon, Portugal


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