Wind Me Up–Run Me Down

Your clock –
Tick tocks;
My clock –
Mock mocks.
Your time –
Gold plate;
My time –
Must wait.


Quick talk
Quick talk
Tick tock
Mock Mock…


Your job –
Thin beer;
My job –
Thick fear.
Your work –
First place;
My work –
No space.


Fake talk
Fake talk
Tick tock
Mock mock
Your type –
Talk tripe;
My type –
Ban hype.
Your gab –
Top speak;
My gab –
Pips squeak.


Bleak talk
Bleak talk
Tick tock
Mock Mock


Your deal –
Clique life;
My deal –
Sharp knife.
Your scene –
Fake shit;
My scene –
Shield split.


Sneak talk
Sneak talk
Tick Tock
Mock Mock


Your way –
My way –
Shut door.


5-Nov-10 21:25

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