Into the Crossfire: A Protectors Novel: Navy Seal

Eh. It’s a good little action story.  Rice’s storytelling skills seem to be going backwards. Not from good to bad, but rather from professional to diletante. MIDNIGHT MAN and MIDNIGHT ANGEL sounded more professional — like an experienced writer had written them.  DANGEROUS SECRETS sounds like she went to a workshop and is experimenting with some tricks of the trade.  Or…or…could it be that she’s just getting bad editing advice?  There’s fewer scenes, but more detail per scene.  That’s not a bad thing. I don’t have a problem with that, but overall, it just sounds more amateurish than her MIDNIGHT series. 

I’m reading it for the third time because I like military or paramilitary adventure stories.  I hope the rest of the series improves from this one. I’d like to see the mature quality of the MIDNIGHT books combined with the fast-paced action from this one. 

Another observation: this plot is a hack piece.  It’s a quilt made up of granny squares from all her other stories.  It’s mostly like DANGEROUS LOVER and MIDNIGHT MAN.  Annoyingly like those two.  Is Rice using authoring software?  There’s nothing original in this story. Nothing.

In the end, how much do you like this novel? And how many lame practices are you willing to put up with because you really like the characters.  I really like Rice’s “beauty and the ex-soldier beast” themes. Especially because she is very good with description.  Your best bet is to buy the book at a jumble sale or used-book shop.  That way, you won’t feel guilty when you don’t want to keep it.

I wonder who the next book is going to be about? Mike or Harry? Or someone new?_____________________________________________________ 

Midnight Angel (Midnight Series, Book 3)     Midnight Run (Midnight Series, Book 2)     Midnight Man (Midnight Series, Book 1)


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