Up to now, the best Elite Ops book, I believe, had been KILLER SECRETS – Ian’s book.  I liked it even better than Nathan’s book –WILD CARD.  MAVERICK was quite good too.  After living Trent’s and Bailey’s adventure, HEATSEEKER is #2 after KILLER SECRETS.  What makes the difference?  Ian and Kira had a romance AND and adventure.  Trent (John) and Bailey were always too stressed out and on edge to have a romance.  The story had no true romance.  It had some vigorous love scenes, but that’s not the same thing as being romantic.  They never had a conversation that wasn’t the prelude to a meltdown of some kind.  That’s been my beef with Leigh these last couple of years.  Everyone’s always pissed off.  Whatever they’re doing: dressing, undressing, kissing, shagging, walking, talking, blowing their nose… Gah!! Calm the f*** down already!

Elite Ops has a fascinating, well-wrought theme running through the stories – international intrigue, military operations, secret para-military operations.  They’re full of the language of spy ops.  I love that.  Leigh knows how to talk the talk.  She’s writing about a man’s world – like a man!  The sacrifice?  The idea of romance as something sweet and enjoyable – or even fun.  That same sacrifice that  I believe is wounding her Breeds series.  As I said, the women are too angry and stressed out.  Every physical encounter is more stressful than the next.  I already have my job for stress.  The only reason I put up with the ridiculous amount of spleen in every issue is because the stories are effing INTERESTING!!! All of them.  The plots have a few pores, but the action is so much fun, it doesn’t really detract from the overall effect. 

MAVERICK, after KS, has been the most romantic.  There are actually scenes where Micah and Risa are able to relax a bit and have a conversation.  Those are the scenes that make you like the characters.  The action scenes are great, but if you don’t care about the characters, what do you care if they get shot and/or killed?  In KS, when Ian’s favorite limo (!!!) got blown up, he was going nuts trying to get to Kira, then he found her barefoot, with a machine gun in her hand scanning their perif.  She never looked so beautiful to him.  LOL!  That was adorable! But if they hadn’t talked about what happened in Atlanta when he found her in her hotel, or talked in the restaurant in Aruba, what do you care if Kira gets blown up?  But I digress…

HEATSEEKER is really, really good.  It’s just not real romantic.  Make your peace with that so you can enjoy the story.



Product Details Product Details Maverick (Elite Ops, Book 2)
Heat Seeker (Elite Ops) Black Jack

Men of Danger



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