Inside Little Britain

BY Boyd Hilton

This book is similar to The Miracle of Castel di Sangro in that a writer is embedded with the team and lives with them for some months and reports on their lifestyle.  This one – since it’s celebrity-centered – name-drops A LOT, as you might expect of someone living with celebrities and writing a tell-all.  A lot of names are unknown to American audiences: Davina McCall, Nancy Dell O’lio, Phillip Salon.  But the book is not about all that.  It’s about hte quirky relationship between Matt Lucas and David Walliams.  It follows their LITTLE BRITAIN tour of England in 2005-2006.  Damn. I never even heard of the show until it came on BBC America in about 2007-2008.  I feel cheated.

I don’t know why, but I get a thrill out of seeing and reading about comedians taking comedy seriously.  It’s fun watching comedians at work.  Listening to them work out the angles of a joke; trying to keep track of ad libas to use later – like musicians who record random strumming for future reference.  It’s as intellectually stimulating as any learned discourse.  Boyd Hilton, the author, calls his book an “autobiographical documentary”.  Sounds a bit redundant to me, but otherwise I don’t have a problem with that.


FROM THE BLURB: “It is a journey back into their pasts, reflecting on just how they got from here to there – eaves dropping on personal tales…”

The back of the book wastes valuable blurb space on a couple of remarks from the Sunday Telegraph.  Don’t know why they bothered, really.  While spotty with cliches, the blurb was doing a decent job and didn’t need the remarks. 

This tome is a lot longer than it needs to be.  Aside from that, I love how Matt is a serious football fan, specifically Arsenal. (who beat Stoke 3-1 yesterday, but lost Aaron Ramsey to a severely broken leg.)  David is the polar opposite.  He hasn’t a clue!  Hee!  He didn’t even recognize Jensen Button of F1. F-freakin’-1!!!  Btw, I’m drafting this at our faculty meeting.  Oooh, naughty!

AMAZON’S LITTLE BRITAIN STORE:  “I want that one!” (Andy)


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