JULY 9, 2016.  I just saw today that these links no longer work. Univision has changed celebrity forums to just general news feeds. When I think of all the work that went into these stories, I feel for the fans who did this labor of love.

If you click on any of these, they just take you to William Levy newsfeed page.

All of these are related to Cuban telenovela superstar superhunk <<Guapisimo Mangote>> William Levy.  If the heroine is Jacqueline Bracamontes who was his co-star in SORTILEGIO, then that’s a “Levymontes” story. Geddit???  If the heroine is Maite Perroni who was his co-star in CUIDADO CON EL ANGEL, then it’s a “Levyrroni” story.  Personally, I prefer Bracamontes, whom I call “Placamontes” because she has a truly spectacular set of teeth.  Even though her character in Sorti cried a lot and was a total doormat, I liked her character’s development better.  Perroni’s character on CCEA was a petulant, stubborn, annoying, self-absorbed bitch.  I could not stand the character, but there I was like an idiot every weeknight at 7 PM.  Levy’s characters in both novelas were cut from the same cloth: naive and wishy-washy, a total crybaby.  And not dignified singular drops gracefully caressing down the cheek, I’m talking wet, snotty, puffy-eyed, mostly snotty…Oh My God! I never saw an actor let so much snot loose since Burton Cummings of The Guess Who in an obscure movie from, like, 1980, where he was having an emotional meltdown and snot and spit was flying everywhere…

And he would do it ON DEMAND! Or so it seemed. He was always ready with a tsunami of tears and snot.  “La Placa” was too.  Damn!


William Levy y Jacqueline Bracamontes

en los papeles de <<Alejandro Lombardo>> y <<MariaJose Samaniego Miranda>>

So…yeah…webnovelas.  They’re basically fanfiction in Spanish. The first one I read was “Alex Toda La Noche” (Alex All Night).  Levy’s Sorti character Alex Lombardo plays a guy who comes to Tuttle, Ohio to work as a DJ.  Placa’s character Mari (pronounced MA-ree — with a rolled R) is a radio show producer determined to make him a star.  But — he has a hidden agenda.  It was a little disconcerting mentally to read about a Spanish story taking place in Ohio, but you get used to it.  It was a sweet little story. I really liked it. It had some good dialogue and a lot of humor.  Other characters from Sorti came out in it, too.

After I finished reading that one, I started “El Vizconde Que Me Amo” (The Viscount Who Loved Me). It has a Barbara Cartland veneer to it.  This one’s pretty long as it has actual plot development. It’s a really good story for being hobby writing.  [2/24/2010 — THIS STORY IS A SPANISH TRANSLATION OF JULIA QUINN’S THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME]  This one, though, is a “Levyrroni” so I’ve run a mass find/change — finding all the Maites and changing them to Jackies.  It’s costing me a lot of ink to print it, but reading it online is not worth the potential damage to your eyes.

My ToBeRead list includes the other titles in the bullet list above.  Sure, I could be reading my all-but-forgotten copy of FREEDOM & DEATH, my languishing edition of Aristophanes’s “Birds”, my festering tome of THE MIRACLE OF CASTEL DI SANGRO…perhaps…even relishing my peripatetic professional publications.  But when you have an itch, you have to scratch it or you can’t concentrate on anything else.

WebNovelas are fun. Period.  FanFiction is something I have a little experience with. I’ve written four, but only posted two.  Actually, if you count the one I wrote in 8th grade about a certain pop star who was on tv and making albums at the time, that makes five. Oooh, Oooh!  I just remembered the one I wrote in 1997!  Oh My God! And there was a WHOPPER of an absolutely horrible one I wrote when I came back from England.  Oh Lord! Then there was that utterly GHASTLY bit I wrote after I saw A Room With A View and The Princess Bride.  Wow! Oh Wow!  I didn’t realize I had written so much. It was all coming back to me as I was typing!!!

I’m even working on one now.  er…when I say “working”, I mean, I get around to adding to it every few months.  You see, that’s the thing about me and fanfiction.  I have to be obsessed with the characters.  Obsessed!  It’s the only way for me to do fanfic.  As I’m no longer obsessed with the characters, working on the story is not a priority.

But getting back to the Spanish ones.  I have a huge crush on the actor Levy, and Spanish is my second language anyway, so it’s no hardship that webnovelas are in Spanish.  What I have a problem with is Spanish grammar.  The masculine/feminine thing I just take for granted at this point, having spoken it all my life.  Reading Spanish, though, is like scrambling over rocky terrain. It’s the fact that Spanish uses so many articles!  And words for basic emotions have like 18 prefixes and suffixes you have to climb over to get to the root. Damn Latin!   Plus, where we say “a little bit” or “a little tiny bit”, in Spanish would be poquito, poquitito, poquititisimo, and so on and so on depending on how emotional you’re feeling.  Case in point:  William Levy is not just guapo, he’s guapisisisisimo!  Geddit?

big hoodieWilliam Levy Forum at Univision Foros

William Levy Official Site


“Un Amante A La Medida” (Either “A Custom-Built Lover” or “A Lover Made to Measure”) @ YouTube

William Levy at IMDB

Check William out at YouTube — just type “William Levy” into the search box.


Video from YouTube collection of liayponcho


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  4. Reblogged this on The Festering Blurb:Bursting Open w/Pungent Prose and commented:

    William Levy is making his way in the world. He lives in Miami. He’s starred in an American B-list motion picture, a couple of tv shows, and his biggest American hit so far — Dancing With The Stars. He was the only reason that I watched that show. Haven’t looked at it since. He and his partner got 3rd, I think. It’s all over the YouTubes.
    This is a popular post, which is why I’m re-blogging it. His best telenovelas have been Cuidado Con El Angel and Sortilegio. The rest are pure rubbish ( La Tempestad, Triunfo del Amor). There are older ones — Pasion, Accoralada, and Olvidarte Jamas. There’s so much of him to watch. Not like Travis Fimmel — whom I love, but had to wait for years after WB’s Tarzan for something of his to watch.
    William is on Facebook and Twitter.


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