Cabal — The PMS Breed

PMS: Perpetually Mucking about in a Strop


Bengal's Heart (Breeds)

Cabal St. Laurents, Bengal breed, is, sadly, one of the most boring breeds. What? There’s another?

Yeah, okay. Del-Rey.  But anyhoo, this is the story of Cabal in brief (no slouch there, btw.).





pp. 4-5:  snarling, murderous

p.8:  hissing

p.16   irritated

p.24  growling (and not in a good way)

p.25   displeased

p.42   snarling

p.46   threatening

p. 47   angry

p. 55  wants to snarl

p.64   fury

p.67   angry and horny

p. 70   frustrated, mad, horny

p.92   conflicted

p. 95   pissy, snapping at Jonas

p. 100  possessive and growling

p. 109   mocking

p. 117   horny and not happy about it

p. 122   suspicious, demanding

At this point, I’m tired of this book; I’m tired of Cabal’s shitty attitude.  Not once has he been relaxed or happy or enjoying his mate. There hasn’t been any ROMANCE at all.  It’s all been duress, duress, duress.  GAH!

p. 141   bossy, predatory, still being an asshole with Cassa

p. 150   latent violence

p. 156  tormented.  He doesn’t even act like he likes Cassa. All he does is make her mad and defensive.  This is so 1970s Harlequin Presents.

p. 161   using mating heat to control her

p. 167   fear of losing his mate; tense

p. 173   AT LAST, A CHUCKLE! but it’s for Jonas, not his woman.  He even made a joke about caffeine.

Wow, Cabal’s emotions run the entire gamut from A to B!

p. 180-183   angry.  Quelle shoque! Quelle surprise!

By the 190s, he’s finally calming the f*ck down and having actual conversations with Cassa. He even cracks another joke. Cassa’s even thrown by it.

p. 200   HALLE-FREAKIN’-LUJAH!! They are finally relaxing with each other and having fun — albeit breed/mating heat style fun. But at least it’s fun and not strop-sex. (that’s my expression, btw. I made it up.)  But look at the page number!!!  Jeez!

p. 205   affectionate and post-coitus lassitude. Now it sounds like a romance.

p. 222   all business, but at least he’s not angry or "tormented"

Whew…I’m a little bit beyond that, but it’s been slow going.  The first 200 pages were frustrating and even dead boring. The plot has picked up momentum now that all the pieces of the mystery are starting to come together.   The plot isn’t even that interesting until you get into the 200s.  The sex scenes (I’m not about to call them "love" scenes.) were spiritless.  After p. 200, Cabal and Cassa start acting more like feisty lovers instead of enemies, which is kind of nice. There’s not much more left once you reach the 200s.  But, I have high hopes for the last couple of the chapters of the story. 

I’d like to see an end to this saga soon.  Or at least, see it morph into something else.


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