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The stories are available through Ellora’s Cave.

  1. FULL RIDE (Gray Winston & Princess Lilah Turner) "Prin" — Ugh.
  2. SLIPKNOT (Remington Morgan & Katherine Saunders)
  3. WANNA PLAY (Blaster & Jas)  interracial
  4. BLIND FIRE (Charlie) — unreleased

And the $64,000 question: Tami and Miguel’s story? C’mon!  You’re breaking the sequel rules!  Tami hates his guts, but he’s so determined to protect her and be her keeper, so you know that they have to get hot and heavy.  It’s like, romance novel law, or something.  Plus GF could join the bandwagon and make them have  "strop sex".

I don’t even know why I like these stories.  Could be the military special forces angle.  The team always ends up on a mission, and the planning and strategizing is the best part of the story — better than the love scenes, even.  There’s whispers of the paranormal in FULL RIDE and SLIPKNOT.  That’s interesting, too.  WANNA PLAY is a fun story because the heroine is an action movie actress who does her own stunts.  Brilliant!  All the women are strong women.  Well done, GF.  Very cool.  Okay, on second thought, I do know why I like these stories.  The characters are strong, vivid and unapologetic.  They’re doers.  The women have brains and the men love them for it.  The "Pride and Prejudice" effect, if you need to call it something.  The men are very "alpha" but they are not in a strop for 99% of the book.  There’s exciting moments, angry moments, peaceful moments: there’s VARIETY.  They have an emotional range — not much of one, but definitely there.  Thank you very much.

Some things I don’t like because I’m just sort of opinionated that way:

The men are towers of strength and muscle, but the women would fit into one of their pant legs. ICK!

Someone is always blonde. WTF?

Not only are they short and skinny, "Katherine" is "tiny" with a couple of flotation devices that could have saved the Titanic — a "hunchfront", if you will.

Nudity between siblings.  The less said, the better.  (Jude Deveraux had moment like this in one of her books and it just ruined the story for me completely, in addition to some other unrealistic, painful scenes.)

Out of the 3 stories so far, I would have to say WANNA PLAY, while not my fav, was the best-written.  It had the least plot gaps and logic gaps.  The hero and heroine were the best drawn of all the couples, both as individuals and as a couple.

I haven’t read her non-Ghost Unit stories.  I don’t want to gamble the money.


How can you tell if there will be a sequel.

What women want.



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  2. Posted by Gail Faulkner on October 26, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    Wow, it took me a long time to find this. Thanks for reading!!


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