big-ass spoilers***************
Aint’ it funny how time slips…it just keeps slippin’ right on…away…
So the song goes.  I blogged about Lora Leigh putting out in 2009 (books) and here it is April, and I’ve done read all her first quarter books.  I was right — they are all starting to sound alike.  It could be because they were quite likely written at the same time.  I find myself unable to return to last summer’s MERCURY’S WAR, this year’s COYOTE’S MATE, and NAUTI NIGHTS.  Usually I read them once to get all the adrenaline buildup of waiting out of my system.  I basically read to see what happens to everybody.  Then immediately, I start re-reading to settle in and enjoy the art of romance writing at which Leigh is so wonderful.  But MW, CM and NN –Holy Sh*t!  Those guys need to take a freakin’ MIDOL!!  Or some Prozac.  They are cheesed off or downright furious in some way for way too many pages.   The heroine is miserable about as often.  They have sex when they are miserable and angry.  Am I missing a new groove here? Is STROP SEX the new wave of romantica?  Because I gotta tell ya, it’s bloody annoying.  It’s not fun. It sure as hell isn’t romantic.  It’s a throwback to the 1970s novels where the hero was a total testosterone-bleeding bastard for 99% of the book then makes nice with the heroine in the last 3 pages.  Meanwhile, she’s been bullied, had her love for hero used against her constantly, and worse — forced seduction (using her sexuality against her for the pleasure of the hero).  I"m sorry.  This will just not do.  
Really, it’s mainly the anger thing that disturbs me.  Their pissy moods just go on and on and on ad nauseaum.  There’s a serious imbalance of mood here.  The stories are great; characters are a blast.  I love the Breeds stories and the characters.  But I just don’t consider 24/7 strop-fest a good thing for these stories.  Where is the love?
Coyote’s Mate and Nauti Nights were the worst as far as the hero only having one mood the whole story — angry.  I absolutely cannot STAND "Dawg Mackay".  He’s a massive, gaping hole surrounded by ass for 3/4 of the story.  The story actually gets better when Crista starts standing up for herself and Dawg begins to accept her influence.  Things are more equal and he calms the f*ck down!  "Del-Rey" is another self-centered, self-absorbed jackass who needs to seriously decompress.  Anya was angry and miserable; Del-Rey was miserable and angry.  And that’s from about chapter 3 to almost the last chapter.  Oi! The kvelling and plotzing!  I could only read a chapter or 2 at a time because I would just get so bored with them being mad or depressed all the time. 
So that’s why I’m waiting for a more tolerant mood to return to Merc and Del-Rey, and Dawg.  After a day of dealing with barbaric children, those three lug-nuts just get on my already shredded nerves.
I prefer Ian Richards (Killer Secrets).  He and Kira have whole days of sanity and can still be interesting.  Seth Lawrence was awesome.  Maverick was sweet.
And can I just momentarily address the irritating repetition of names in Leigh’s books? 2 Marias.  In the NAUTI books.  WTF? 2 Elizabeths: Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Wolf, then the Leo’s Elizabeth?  Really?  C’mon!  Buy one of those baby-naming books and stick in pin in them.
But you know what? It’s probably our fault — the fans.  We demand and demand.  We want every character’s story and we want it yesterday.  That’s not fair of us, but damned if LL doesn’t deliver for us.  She’s way too good to us — better than we deserve?  So with that in mind, take a holiday.  Take a year off to refresh and recharge.  I really feel like we’ve pushed her too much to do a story for everyone and their mother.  It really isn’t necessary.  I’m probably the only person on the hemisphere who doesn’t want a Jonas Wyatt novel.  I want his mystery to remain intact.  That’s why he’s interesting.  I learned my lesson with ACHERON.  Be careful what you wish for.
I’m not linking the books because they are readily available through all the major sellers.  Plus there’s a link to Amazon if you glance to the right of your screen.

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