…lookout for that "bob-war", folks.

Wow, another dozen posts.  I’m going to have to start a round-up post of round-up posts at this rate.


Pure & Potent: THE ILIAD Distilled

A children’s version of the Greek classic that’s better than most scholarly versions.


The Educated Child — A Plan of Action for Parents

A litmus test of tolerance and perspective in the field of education.  If you can refrain from throwing stones, this is useful information.


Back in Bloom: Sifting Through The Weedy Undergrowth of Poetry Reading

Reading poetry is not complicated; understanding it is only as deep as your reading experience. You get what you give.


Critical Theory Since Plato

Along with a Bible, Shakespeare, and a knife, this is one of my desert-island must-haves.  Deserves a place of honor in your library.


Odd Bits on A Trip to Half-Price Books

Ever get sick of women blathering on about shoe-shopping?  This is a refreshing difference — me blathering on about book-shopping.


I Feel Lucky, Punk!

Ah, Clint, where hae ye gone?  More book-shopping and reading.


Only Anticipation Remained There in Its Unbreakable Home

A measley wee bit of nonsense I despised when I bought it, it has become a "vade mecum" for me.  Size isn’t everything — in books.


One Shot/One Kill: American Combat Snipers

Speaking of size, combat rifles — PHWOAR!  Scopes — Blimey!  How these guys do their job and don’t go crazy is magic.


Matt Groening Gives Us Hell

Creator of the most iconic cartoon figure since Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.  Funny because it’s true.  Frightening because it’s true.  Sad because it’s true.


Lingua Blanca: The Tongue We Call "Mother"

The history of English from various angles: history, linguistics, geography, literature.


Getting to Eureka With a Compass But No Map

A humble little work from my Portable Feast collection.  Sane, enlightened, clever, refreshing, and full of hope.


Some Books Are More Bookie-Wookie Than Others

Talking about ANIMAL FARM. A fun, funny, bitter, unsettling novel that everyone over the age of 25 should read and own in order to consider yourself educated.



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