WOOH-to-the-HOOH!! Guess what LL is doing. Gawann, guess!  Fine. I’ll just tell you.  She’s putting out a short Elite Ops story.  I have no ideas who it’s about, but it’s Elite Ops and that’s pretty much all I need. 


Click on the image to go to Leigh’s publications website to sign up for your copy of NIGHT HAWK, or click on this link.

After reading WILD CARD, my guess for the hero is either Nicolai Steele or Jordan Malone.  Maybe even…naw, he’s not a SEAL…Nathan’s brother?  Hmmm…I’ll have to read WILD CARD for the 3rd time to see if my predictions hold water. 

Sherrilyn Kenyon did this a couple of years ago.  She published an e-mail subscription short story about Nick Gautier.  These subscription short stories are wonderful instruments for building community among an author’s fans.  From what I’ve seen on the web, we fans get giddy about these freebies.


  1. 2009 PRE-ORDERS: FANNING THE FIRE OF DESIRE — 2009 is going to be a great year for Leigh. 3 novels and this short Elite Ops story. Amazing.
  2. NEW SERIES BY LORA LEIGH — ELITE OPS (UNDER DEEP COVERS) — A brief overview of the Elite Ops Team (Nathan Malone’s group) and Durango Team (Reno Chavez’s SEALs team)



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