(You know there’s going to be a Part 2 eventually.)

I’ve tagged these books "CRAPFEST" over at Shelfari (  Please just trust me.

Tainted Purity  Lorie O’Clare

I’ve choked this book down twice.  I’m a reader of somewhat decent skills and I still have no effing clue what it’s about.  I think the "heroine" floats or something. ‘TF?!

That Familiar Touch

by Dara Joy

Excrement.  A damned shame because I really liked the characters.  Unfulfilled desires, i.e. stories for Gregor and Traed.  I’ve read better amateur fanfiction.

Ritual of Proof

by Dara Joy

Boring, tedious, sad, tapped-out former talent.  Mostly sad.

 Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty

WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY toooooooo looooooooooonnnnng.  Tedious. Which is a shame because I really like Asa (stupid name) and Elizabeth (boring name). I’m going against the grain here because this series is quite popular and well-liked.  Take my word for it or don’t.

A Hero’s Kiss by Jan Springer

Oh my freakin’ Gawd! Grammatical errors out the WAZZ — the ignorant kind. Practically on every page. Lame dialogue. No character development. Boring, bonehead hero. Massively amateurish concoction. Unfinished.  Unpolished.  Unedited. I’ve already given this garbage more copy time than it deserves.

Satisfaction by Thea Devine

You can’t judge a book by its title.  This book contains anything but satisfaction.  The main guy – I’m sure not calling him a hero — is a total, utter, massive gaping hole surrounded by ass.  There is absolutely NOTHING to love about this peripatetic pachyderming putz.  Completely obnoxious and without any sensitivity until the last 2 pages when it’s too late and for 200+ pages, you have been wanting  to run his fleshy nozzle through a blender set on frappe.  As if he wasn’t awful enough, the main girl is about as interesting as watching toast toast.  Weak and dumb and pointless.  The sex is sexy — at first.  Then the 846th time Devine mentions the phrase "rooting in her" moist naughty bits, you are seriously considering using this paperweight as mulch.

I Love Rogues

  • Bertrice Small
  • Thea Devine
  • Jane Bonander

I love shoving these shitty anthologies into a shredder and watching the confetti fly.  

A book that will NOT SUCK:


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