Sheer Unadulterated Stupidity | News | Football


Sheer Unadulterated Stupidity | News | Football   <—click on link

"…so earth-shatteringly earth-shattering that it will shatter your earth."

"this creature’s going to smash its way inside your head and trample all other thoughts to death – fast, merciless, gory death. Death, we tell you! Death! Resistance is futile, feeble wretches, because this is a brain monster. And it’s coming to get you. Yes, you! Death! Brain Monster! AAARGGGHHHH!"

"more of that Beijing business everyone’s banging on about;…"


Have you ever passed a mirror and started as you saw someone familiar — but it’s you.  Have you ever seen someone who resembles you so much that you have to stop yourself from stopping and staring?  Have you ever shaken hands with a new acquaintance and felt you have already known them. Crazy! Reasonless! Where do you separate concrete knowledge from sensory experience?  You look at something or someone and recognize yourself. It’s unsettling to say the least.

The quotes above are from THE FIVER.  I took one look at them and thought I was reading my own writing. But I came back down to earth.  Sadly, I did NOT write it. 

But I could have…

I mean, it looks, sounds like stuff I write, especially the "earth-shattering" stuff.  And the "death" bit, as well.  The "Beijing" comment is a rough, unpolished jewel of understatement.  Wonder if Doyle would have used "banging" in a different tone if England were winning stuff.  Just sayin’… 

{{{Sigh}}} Me. Getting published by an English newspaper.  Ha! Yeah, like that would ever happen. Still, it’s nice to see my style being vindicated.



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