BOOKS I BOUGHT FROM AMAZON: (considerably more than .99USD but still marked down a lot)

BOOKS I BOUGHT FROM B. DALTON’S (a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble but without the big, fancy store…Dammit!)

I will never be rich.  You can see why.  I have a nasty, money-draining habit.  On the bright side, as a writer, I can rationalize just about anything.  For every  book I bring home, I’m going to get rid of one.  That’s my mission for the rest of the year.  Buy one — throw one out or give it away.  I’d prefer to sell it, of course, but I’d need to buy EBAY FOR DUMMIES and that sort of throws a spanner into my mission plan.

When I first heard that ACHERON was coming out, it was 2006.  I had a major thrombo thinking 2 EFFING YEARS! SON OF A MOTHER!  But since two years is a long time, I calmed down and with traditional Catholic suffering stoicism, I waited and waited and waited.  Now it’s here and it’s too close to school starting back up.  At this point, I’m so blase about it that I’ve already decided to put off reading it for about a month.  I wish it had come out in June or July so I could have watched my Euro matches then curled up with Ash’s long-ass bio. (I’m swearing a lot, aren’t I. {{{sigh}}} )  A really great thing about the book is that it’s MASSIVE!

I avoided it for a long time, but I finally caved in to buying NAUTI NIGHTS by Lora Leigh.  The cover was so mouthwatering, time and money were no obstacles…It was pretty good but you know me — I have a couple of issues.  Overusing the word "soul" and phrases that included that word.  However, I liked it enough to buy the newest (but not the last) book of the series (bloody series! Bloody, bloody, bloody! Oooooh swearing again — naughty!)…but I digress.  So I got through NIGHTS fairly quickly.  Illegal arms sales — cool.  Snipers and ex-special forces — WAY cool!  Love scenes — not cool.  Hot!  Positively gynecological.  With rather lurid descriptions of body fluids.  If you like that sort of thing, I think you’ll find it’s the sort of thing you’ll like.

BURN NOTICE is going into my anti-boredom kit when I go for meetings next week.  For a week before school starts, we are systematically tortured by being forced to sit for hours and listen to massively dull and dull-witted schlemiels prattle on and on ad nauseum.  At the end of it all, you’re catatonic from boredom which leaves no room for being nervous about the first days.  You want the students to come in raising hell just for the relief. 

So my anti-boredom kit includes a notebook, couple of pens, book for reading, iPod shuffle, calendar, and a teacher book — something like Image Grammar or Breaking the Rules.  Two years ago, I wrote 8 pages of my fanfiction story at a district meeting. People thought I was taking notes on the bollocking prat they brought in to "motivate" us.  Excuse me while I die laughing.  The only thing he motivated us to do was jam sharp spikes into our ears to relieve the pain of his sportscentric yammering…

er…so like…Amazon. Right. Okay. They mark their prices down more than Borders and Barnes & Noble.  On large orders, sometimes they will send you some of it for no extra charge.  In 5 years, I’ve never had any problems buying from them.  They handle returns efficiently and keep you in the loop.  eBay, who prides itself on customer service screwed me on a $10 order.  PayPal screwed me on the same order.  They didn’t do anything to help me get my money back and didn’t even communicate with me properly regarding the complaint process.  Needless to say, but I’m saying it anyway, when they tout their ripoff-prevention services, I just give them the "V".  So to make a long story short…the end.

…erm…too short?  Well, n-e-hoo, Amazon has always done right by me so I will continue to send them my hard-earned shekels.  eBraying Ass and PayPutz can just piss off.



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