I had this completely brilliant idea — as I often do — to write about books using haiku.  I was inspired by some printouts I found when I was cleaning out my closet.  They were Blackadder Haiku.  And they were so so so hilarious!  Here’s the link to Blackadder Haiku: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8889/haiku.htm   Caveat: it hasn’t been updated since 2002. 

Blackadder is the amazing, and amazingly clever tv show about the family line of Blackadders: Prince Edmund, one of the nephews of Richard III (not having been snuffed out in the tower or else there would be no show), Edmund the Elizabethan, and pet courtier of ER1, Edmund the butler of the sockless Prince Regent (Hugh Laurie), and Edmund, an officer in HM’s Army during WW1.  (DVDs available from the usual retailers.)

I haven’t done a lot of haiku in my time.  But I’ve grasped the basics.




The Pleasure Dome/Sup’s Blackadder Page (last update 2002)

Mr. Bean’s Greatest Poems

Books by Dave Morice

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