OmiProduct Imagegod! Have you seen BURN NOTICE on USA!  It’s so massively cool.  I love this show because it’s fun, and, despite its being a crime show, can be pretty damn funny.  Also, the best thing, the thing that hooked me, is that it used voiceover to explain the technical details of what Michael Westen was preparing.  For example, in one ep, he explains that it takes a few hours to set up a certain type of pipe bomb — mixing the chemicals, assembling the body, assembling the fuse, etc.  But, he points out, if you are a trained [insert ancient Gaelic race urban warfare specialists’ name here], it takes you 20 mins.  Har! The voiceovers are the best.  It’s like listening to a video training manual.  The only problem is that in every ep, something has to explode.  It’s like watching Die Hard over and over again.  This show doesn’t need explosions every 5th page.  It’s clever, plot-driven, pretty, shiny, funny and does not remind me of Miami Vice AT ALL.  Nice.  It even had 2 of my uber-fav, semi-obscure actors whom I love: Alex Carter and Johnny Messner.  Woof!  Btw, for someone into something so healthy like yogurt, why is he shagging a piece of beef jerky? Is that how he gets his protein?  Yes, she looks like a piece of SlimJim.  Complete with beef lips.  Scoff if you must, but in one ep, she gives herself away as an anorexic.  She is on stakeout with Bruce Campbell(top bloke!!) and nibbling at a piece of …I couldn’t tell if it was an apple slice or a potato chip. But she’s nibbling daintily around the edges — eating but not eating, geddit?  Dead giveaway. 

But this is not about the tv show — not so much.  It’s about a book that’s coming out that is like the JAG books.  It’s a story independent of the series, but it’s a novel based on the show.  I’m hoping it will be as good as the JAG books.  I read a lot of fanfiction and have even written a couple so that’s how I’m going to treat this book — like a fanfic.

Last Action Hero: A Novel

  Product ImageSweet!  I heard about this book on World Soccer Daily, the best soccer podcast on the planet (available through iTunes).  It’s hard to not get sucked in to Steven Cohen’s enthusiasm, and he was really enthusiastic about this book.  It’s along the lines of LOVE & BLOOD by Jamie Trecker where it’s a non-fictional account of his tribulations covering World Cup 2006.  This author, Chuck Culpepper, went to England to experience footie because he was completely disgusted with American sports.  He makes some opinion-altering decisions about sports and sports brand loyalty.  The -zon has it debuting August 5, but you can probably find it in major bookstores a week or 2 before that date. I wonder, quite excitedly, if a trend in sports writing is blooming.  There’s tons of sports biographies and technical books, but I really like this hybrid of reportage and travelogue regarding soccer.  On the dark side, if you’re a sports writing hack, writing these hybrid books are a way to work through your innate mediocrity and a soapbox for any sports prejudices you might harbor.  A lot of Trecker’s book was kvetching about how much hassle it is do what he does.  And if you extend the logic, people from different types of jobs could write these hybrid books.  If you have the right connections, you might even get it published.  I could write about the grunt work involved in being a writing teacher.  You wanna talk "bloody confused"!  BLANK PAPER/BLANK MINDS–Writing with Emos, Gangbangers, Dumb Jocks, Airheads, & Smothereens by swetergrl.  I already live it; why not write it?

Anyway, I hope Culpepper’s book is as personal as L&B and Miracle of Castel di Sangro, and I really really hope it’s funny.  My August pre-order list keeps growing. Not good.

GOAL II: Living the Dream

The Miracle of Castel di Sangro: A Tale of Passion and Folly in the Heart of Italy


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  1. Posted by Steve on July 8, 2008 at 5:16 PM

    I wasn\’t aware of that podcast you mentioned, though I know all about Steven Cohen from Fox Football Fone-in.  He and Nick Webster are great.  My only complaint about Cohen is that he\’s a Chelsea supporter. 
    The Trecker and Culpepper books look interesting.  If they\’re well written, inside personal accounts like the one McGinniss did, I\’m sure they\’ll be good.  Maybe a soccer book will help me get through this stretch between Euro 2008 and the start of the club season in Europe.
    Good luck with your own project (should you decide to follow through with it).  Even though I have no clue what a smothereen is, I\’m sure you\’ll have fun and insightful things to say about them.


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