I‘ve got a handful of soccer books here at home that I’ve blogged — not all of them, but a good few.  With my days taken up by Euro 2008, I’m basically watching games, watching re-runs of the games, watching Sky News and Fox Soccer Report, and as a consequence, watching more MLS.  Honestly, how do men ever get out of the damn house to earn a living!!??  Not only that, but our local USL 2nd division team is doing VERY well.  AND, the fixture list for Premier League came out at 10 am their time, so guess what I’m going to be looking up as soon as I’m done here.  I love summer. 


Germans: Unspontaneous, micromanaging weirdos — [Games] The title comes from Jamie Trecker’s book LOVE AND BLOOD.  There’s a link in the WINDOW SHOPPING sidebar. Just look for the cover image.  I was writing about a history book on post-Roman Europe which inspired this little gem of a blurb:

Okay, so… technically, it’s not about soccer.  But it should be, especially with that title; especially with Euro2008 preparing to feature new-boys Croatia and Romania, and a pair of rag-tag Alpine teutons Switzerland and Austria.  All the Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Normans have been eliminated — shockingly, shamefully.  The dark horse might be the Greeks. (Geddit?! Call Eric Bana now!)  Next summer, it’ll be the Slavs and Teutons looking to topple the corrupt Roman Empire.

A Man and His Ball–No Greater Love Pt. 1 — [Books in The Bedroom] Can you tell that Eddie Izzard is one of my idols? This entry is my EddieIzz emulation. The ideas are all mine, but the delivery was inspired by the europhile himself. I watched 3 of his stand-up shows then started this post.  I think it’s starting to take.

Talking about A Man & His Ball: No Greater Love Pt. 2 — [Books in The Bedroom] writing about Alan Gibbons and his 2 "Julie & Me" books. Great writing, very expressive dialogue. He does a lot of tricks with dialogue and punctuation. A writer’s writer.

IT’S ALL JUST SO PREDICTABLE, REALLY — [Books in The Bedroom] a shopping trip to Barnes & Noble; bought a bunch of books, returned some the next day. What the hell was I thinking!

Barnes & Noble After Christmas Mini-Spree — [Books in The Home Office] A small blurb about 442 magazine with a mention of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger (how fortuitous that your name is so similar to the team you manage.  The fickle finger of fate?)  Speaking of, I watched an ESPN (!!!) show called Headliners dedicated to George Weah. How cool is that!!  He won every award it’s possible for an individual player to get — in the same year! He credits Arsene Wenger with grooming him for success.



   How to Score For Your Team and The Red Cross


George Weah @Liberian soccer

image’s tea-time take on the world of football

Barry Glendenning and Tom Lutz
Monday June 16, 2008

Liberian Soccer Home Page



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