Shelfari is awesome!  It’s a visual database for cataloguing your book collection.  It’s a bit of work, but it’s the stuff you can do once you set it up that’s awesome. It d-bases

  • your collection
  • comments
  • reviews
  • ratings
  • common interest groups
  • members who are reading the same books you are
  • members who have the same books you do
  • shopping links
  • personalizations such as how many times you’ve read a book

You can invite friends to see your shelves:

  • Favorites
  • Have read
  • Plan to read
  • Wish list
  • etc.

You can also make recommendations to other members. 

I love how they have cute little graphics to annotate your books with. There’s one for favorites — a heart.  A gift-wrapped box for wish list books.  A dialogue balloon for reviewed books.  There’s even a collective d-base where you can copy books to your own shelf. It really saves you a lot of work, let me tell you. And it’s free. Free.  You even get to name your shelf page.  I am trying to decide between LADYOFLETTERS, PAGETURNER, WORDWINGER. But I’m also trying to come up with some others because once it’s set, that’s it. So it needs to be interesting — and literary.

I’m giving SHELFARI 2 big thumbs up. Y’know, not for nuttin’, but I think I may have found something to lure me away from 



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