The Breeds’ saga of survival continues. THANK GOD!! I’m getting a bit burned out on series romances, but these are soooo good!  Mercury Warrant. Such a cool name for a half-man/half-lion.  The Breeds are literally an army unto themselves. They have to be.  It’s bad enough we have racist organizations, but now with the Breeds assimilating into the general population, racist organizations have morphed into "pure blood" societies.  HUMAN RIGHTS FOR HUMANS ONLY! 

Remember when the Nazis were making everyone see Jews as rats? When they convinced them that they weren’t human, so it was okay to hurt them? Remember that? Well, these characters are hybrid humans — created with animal DNA.  It’s hard sometimes to tell where the human ends and the animal begins.  Well, it’s hard until someone pisses them off.  Then you find out the hard way that animal DNA doesn’t allow for mercy.  Loyalty? Yes. Love? Check.  Instincts? For sure. Mercy? Ha! You wish.

It’s not nice to F*#@ with Mother Nature.


This is the follow-up to KILLER SECRETS (an awesome book, btw!!!).  Too bad it’s an anthology.  This one contains the story of Macey March.  He was very close friends with Ian from KS.  He was actually betrayed twice: once when he found out Ian was "Judas" (Hidden Agendas), and again when he found out Ian only joined the cartel to bring down his father and Sorrell, the French terrorist.

So in this story, Macey finds someone to love.  But as is typical, the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly.  The sex, yeah, for sure. No second guessing there.  But love is a scarier proposition.  Apparently.


SHERRILYN KENYON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)

After waiting for 10 books to get this guy’s story, I find myself suddenly of two minds. Over the course of the Dark-Hunter novels, Acheron is mysterious, gorgeous, libidinous, generous, and several other -ous adjectives.  But now that his story is going to come out this summer, I’m thinking, maybe it’s better to keep him as mysterious man/god/sex-god. That’s why he’s interesting, right?  It’s just like with Jonas of the Breeds books. He’s interesting because he’s a puppetmaster, behind-the-scenes manipulator.  Acheron is someone everyone wants to get close to, but extremely few manage it and still live. In fact, if you want to be invited to his house, you have to DIE.  How freaking goth is that!!!


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Omigah! I LOVE the B.A.D. boys.  Compared to Durango Team, these guys know how to laugh and have a good time.  Joe and Tee are hilarious together.  As much as I adore the Tempting SEALs, they stress me out.  So do the Dark-Hunters. But these guys are fun.  I want more B.A.D. boys. 





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