Barnes & Noble After Christmas Mini-Spree



Beyond The Dark: Angela Knight, Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Diane Whiteside
The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie
The Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal Iggulden
Poetry Speaks-Expanded
442 Magazine, December 2007: Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal on the cover


GAH!  I can’t believe I bought another feckin’ anthology.  They’re so CRAP!  But it has a LoraLeigh/Breeds story in it.  Quite a substantial one.  It’s the story of Matthias Slaughter, a wolf breed.  Lots of name-dropping, which I’m quite fond of.  Simon Quatres pops up again.  Lots of action right from the get-go…and Jonas…sigh! 

TMF is an old favorite ever since I saw the tv version in 1989 or thereabouts.  I found a nice hardcover (ISBN 9781579126940).  Refined design, sturdy, about 14 pt font so you can hold it close or at arm’s length and still get a good eyeful.

TDBfB is not really about putting boys in danger.  And if you needed to be told that, you’re a sorry old sod.  And it’s not even just for girls. Duh!  It’s about cultural experience and developing one’s intellect.  That’s what an adult thinks when they see the book.  When a child sees it, they think, "wow, cool title."  How to Play Poker! Sweet!  Juggling.  Hmmm…why not.  What are the 3 most breakable things in the classroom/house/brother’s/sister’s room? (That’s a joke, see.)

442 Magazine.  Aahh, what can I say about this mag?  It’s A-mazing.  It’s HI-larious.  EVERYBODY who’s ANYBODY in European football, and even a few who aren’t anybody but wannabes.  I love this mag. I’ve been reading it for almost 10 years, ever since Michael Owen had his second cover in January 1999.  Back then, it was imported and costs $4.95 at Borders.  Now, it’s $8.50. But it has so much information about the movers and shakers that if you really really love soccer, you can’t be without it.  I do choose my moments, though, because it’s so expensive.  I usually buy the season opener issue because it comes with a supplement, then a mid-season issue or two, then the end-of-year issue plus the voting issue and the awards issue.  So that averages about 5-6 issues a year.  Being a reader of 442 gives you pitch-cred.



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  1. Posted by Susan on December 31, 2007 at 7:15 AM

    Hello and thanks very much for stopping by Soccer Orb.  Many compliments to your blog, btw.  It\’s not every day that I "meet" someone who is a reader of both Agatha Christie and 442, so I admit to being a bit stunned.  I gave my husband a subscription to 442 a few years ago, but the price was hefty and it joined other unread mags on the coffee table, so we don\’t get it any more.  I doubt that I\’ll ever completely understand the viewpoint (& humor) of the world of English football, but it\’s sure fun to try.  I\’ll certainly be back to check out this space again, and maybe I won\’t let mine die a gentle death after all…Happy New Year, Susan


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