Beat Off The Holiday Blues

— or do I mean stave off?


She’s So Funny by Judy Brown:  a collection of funny lines from female comedians (notice I didn’t use the word "lady"?)

The Best American Comics 2007: er…the best American comics compilation edited by Chris Ware

Port of Paradise by Lisa Marie Rice: romance and intrigue in Bari, Italy

Theories of Everything-Cartoons by Roz Chast: she makes ennui funny



She’s So Funny

  • The wisecracks range from epic to so-so to no-wonder-I’ve-never-heard-of-her. 
  • Classic comediennes Totie Fields, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Lily Tomlin
  • Super Comediennes of the 80s: (give or take 5 years) Elayne Boosler, Judy Tenuta, Paula Poundstone, Roseanne Barr, Joy Behar, Cathy Ladman, Lizz Winstead, Judy Gold, Carol Leifer, Ellen DeGeneres, Rita Rudner
  • 90s and beyond: Janeane Garofalo, Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffith, Wendy Liebman, Laura Kightlinger, Diane Ford, Wanda Sykes, Maria Bamford
  • Flash in the pans unfortunately: Monica Piper, Maryellen Hooper, Stephanie Hodge.  It’s a shame because these chicks were massively hilarious.

 The Best American Comics 2007

  • so much color your eyes bleed
  • excessive graphic design — obsessive even
  • I love the dustjacket design and hardcover design
  • the forward needs more indents; they are few and fffaaaaaaaaaarrrrr between.  It reminds me of a Victorian APOLOGIA PRO RESARTUS
  • I’ve read about 6 of the comics and they are depressing, pretentious, whiny, weltschmertzy, and sturm-und-drang-ish.  In short, they are ANTI-COMICS.  They don’t make you feel good.  I don’t need to be reminded that life is shite.  They remind me of the first sweep of how overwhelming and confusing life is that you have when you first leave home for college.  I hope there’s more variation in tone as I continue to read the book.

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