Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters series — action and romance, mythology and mischance


    • This has to be one of the best series ever!  It has all the ingredients of a swetergrl favorite:


    • mythology
    • romance
    • action
    • intrigue
    • characters you want to be friends with
    • danger
    • strategizing (this is what makes facing the danger so much fun)
    • superpowers
    • psychic powers
    • what? All that ain’t enough?

Tons of blog and forum space is devoted to this series, so here’s my turn.  There’s a reading order to these but you can get that at  The whole series is one of the more popular list topics.  That’s one thing that sort of bugs me about Amazon.  So many lists are repetitive and there’s nothing tangible to distinguish them.  Weird nicknames, I guess.  Or saucy titles. 

The first one I read was DANCE WITH THE DEVIL.  I read on (now defunct) that it had a reference to Travis Fimmel in it, so I hustled over to my local book shop and surprise! surprise! It was there.  I was a good girl.  I did not hunt for the reference, but read the whole book.  It was cute.  Simi  is just the coolest character.  Her banter is hilarious. 

It’s been a couple of years so I don’t remember exactly which came next, but I was sufficiently interested to get more books from the series.




I flirted with the idea of getting a paperback cover as the titles are shamelessly panderous.  Title notwithstanding, the art is quite discreet.   FL is the "beginning" of the series.  Some of the greatest inventions of romantic novels have to be the Devereaux sisters.  Half Romanian Gypsy and half Louisiana Cajun.

The dark-hunters are ex-humans who have been granted eternal life, unbelievable wealth and supernatural powers.  They’re an army — literally.  Many of them were warriors in their past lives.  And their past lives…WHOAH!  Celts, Romans, Greeks, Vikings, and pirates.  The whole series is a testosterone buffet.  Not because of the love scenes.  As nice as they are, if it wasn’t for the stories of mythological beings mixing with humans, I would not buy/keep these books. 

Kenyon has put out a concordance to the series, but if you’re a reader like me, it’s more fun to discover the characters book by book.    

Take this cool dark-hunter quiz!

Dark-Hunter QUIZ

FearTheDarkness Site


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