Are walls the new beds?

Rhyannon Byrd
Beauty & The Beast — feminine lady and hulking male
Pride & Prejudice — hot, popular guy falls for smart shy girl
This book isn’t touted as a comedy, but it’s pretty damn funny.  It sort of follows the Beauty/Beast/Pride/Prejudice combo formula.  Hot, hunky alpha male Ryan McCall falls in love with shy outside/adventuress inside librarian Shea Dresden.  Librarian?  Didn’t Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz play out these parts already?  In a movie called…THE MUMMY?  How tired is that.  Still, it’s a cute story.  For all that I’m blustering about the lack of originality, it’s modern and fun and had a surprise or two up it’s  sheer sleeve.  Not the least of which is the couple who enthusiastically emboss Shea’s spinal column into the drywall.  No, seriously.  Like 4 times.  It’s brilliant.
PLUS– if you read my post of  November 01:  Context clues that a series is in the works, you will have noticed some blaring clues that a sequel might be in the works.  Shea’s friend Hannah and Ryan’s friend Derek were thrown together and made a lot of noise about hating each other.  I love secondary plots.  I don’t know why. 
The bookstore scene!  Blimey!
Another interesting thing about this book is the erotization of certain male-oriented careers.  We know that firefighters and cops and spies have the hero/hunk thing going on, but there’s others to consider: FBI agents, detectives, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, military pilots.  They are to us what stewardesses, nurses, geishas are to men.   In this case, we have Ryan and Derek as ATF agents (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms).  And it works just fine.  Good with guns.  Ready for action.  {{{fanning self}}}. 
This story could kick-start a honeymoon! 
Against The Wall is availalble through its publisher Ellora’s Cave or
A Little Less Conversation is pretty good.  Also has a hint of a secondary relationship.

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