IN A NUTSHELL: Sept. 30 to Nov. 11


Thanks to Maki of for writing about the benefits of roundup posts.

Here’s a compendium of my most recent titles.

My inaugural post!  A huge leap.  I’ve been uneasy at how I don’t read as often as I used to.  Not that I need a reason, but this is a very satisfying way to get back in touch with my collection.

These were my first batch of posts.  Stylistically varietal as I was still finding my feet.  I’m looking forward to doing more shopping spree posts in future.

Honk if you love that real men do it better!


October 31 11:26 PM

A Hefty Arsenal of Humor by Richard Armour

Books in The Living Room

October 29 10:12 PM

Different Hours — Same Minutes 

Books in The Bedroom

October 12 9:20 PM

The Party, After You Left — Song of the Fringe-dweller 

Books in The Bedroom

October 08 5:56 PM

Anthologies — a good way to sell crap stories


October 07 9:54 PM

Good professional books for english teachers #1

Professional Reading

October 07 9:28 PM — enabler of impulse buying 


October 02 10:28 PM

Shopping Spree at Barnes & Noble 23 Sept.



October 02 10:11 PM

September 07: It was a very good month!



October 01 8:50 PM

With these most recent posts, I’m starting to exercise more design consistency.  I spend a lot of time setting up links.  It’s a hassle, but it’s worth it if easy links lead to people going after these books.

Pen & Paper in Perfect Accord


Books in My Classroom

November 10 10:15 AM

Triple Distilled Creative Energy in Powerful Surges of Prose


Books in The Living Room

November 09 9:25 PM

Grapes in a glass and shameless name-dropping


Books in The Living Room

November 03 4:41 PM

Context clues that a series is in the works



November 01 10:18 PM

One of the best things about my new hobby so far is that I wrote a poem – my first in about 2 or 3 years.  I composed it as a book review:

DATE                     12 October

TITLE                     Different Hours/Same Minutes

CATEGORY                Books in The Bedroom


      O the utter mundane!

      O the utterer of mundane! 

      Name-dropping, and school-boy writing lessons. 

      Weltschmertz  and bagels.  Oi!


      Anamorphic anaesthesia

      Like fog, drifting, coating

      Cuddling dullness and stunted wonder.


      Sinatra sings "It was a very good year."

      –for red-blooded boys, martinis in hand

      Snapping to the band, pretending life is grand.


      What. Ever.


       Artfully big words artfully dropped

      Like chocolate morsels; make sure you

      Pick up each one.  Don’t let them go to waste.

      A paragraph at the least for each.


      I’m not saying a monkey could do it.

      That would be absurd.

      They know better than to labor pointlessly.

      Who learns from who, then?


I’d love to know what you think so far. 


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