Triple Distilled Creative Energy in Powerful Surges of Prose

Coyote v. Acme.  Aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha…snort…hahahahaha!  Heeheeheeheeheeheehee ooooohoohoohoohoohoo aaaawww …cough…ffffffffffffff hih hih hih hih hih hih hih.


Ian Frazier.  Bwaaaaahahahahaha.  Eeeeeeeeeeeee HAR!


Whew!  My stomach hurts now.  Take THAT fancy-schmancy spell checker.  *Dr. Evil laugh.  *


Damn, I wish I could remember what led me to buy this book.  I remember it wasn’t anything particularly special.  I have a vague memory of probably reading either a review of it – or an excerpt.  Yeah, hard to get much more vague than that.  I flatter myself that I have discovered a gem.  It’s simple and beautiful in its execution.  Like Hornby’s POLYSYLLABIC SPREE and HOUSEKEEPING VS. THE DIRT (September 2007 entry), it’s a compilation of writing pieces previously published in other, uh, publications.  (“Please allow myself to introduce myself…)  There are so many reasons to love this slim tome.  Chief amongst them being – it’s short.  It’s slim.  It takes up very little room in a purse, a glove compartment, a briefcase, a backpack. 


Most chapters are only a page or 2.  You can take in whole paragraphs at a glance, so they are perfect for reading at red lights or when you’re stuck in traffic.


The cover is instantly recognizable and fills people with that happy, sappy sentimentality that fills you when you think of your favorite cartoons.  Everyone loves Warner Bros. Cartoons.  And if you don’t – you should, you uncouth, classless philistine.  Hell, even the title font is from the cartoon!  It’s completely and utterly brill.


Good book for people with A.D.D. Adult Doughnut Deficiency.  No, really, so…hey, I was driving by Krispy Kreme and I thought hot choccy and 3 glazed doughnuts would be so good, but then my cell phone rings – wait – it wasn’t my cell phone, it was my watch.  Did you know Patek Phillipe watches – an everyday model retails for …


Oh, right.  Coyote.  Speaking in tongues.  Evil laughter.  Demonic possession.  Life insurance.  Reminiscing about golf.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Or can you…  Even – does he dare? He does; he does! Classic literature rendered illiterate! Or do I mean subliterate?  Indeed, what gall! What chutzpa.  It’s enough to give you shpilkes in your geneckteckessoink."   But in a good way, y’know?


So go get a copy and stick it – wherever the hell you want to.  It’s THAT good.


Click on the book’s link at The Festering Book Browser.


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