Pen & Paper in Perfect Accord

I keep a smallish libaray in my classroom.  As an English teacher, I teach writing straight from the source — literature.  I haven’t used a textbook in 2 years and I haven’t missed them at all; my students either.  Most of the books I buy from Scholastic.   Visit my MINI-MALL  for other sellers. 
We use the books to analyze and practice writing styles.  By the end of the school year, students have a sigfinicant repertoire of sentence and organizational styles at their disposal.   This is just a short list from the top of my head.

Animal Farm                            Animals are people, too.  Absolute power corrupts — absolutely.

A Wrinkle in Time      Epic.  Classic.  Beautiful.  Fun.                         

Among The Hidden   Can it be considered futuristic if it’s already happening?

Chicken Soup for The Teenage Soul     I don’t like these, but my students do.

Freak, The Mighty

Green Angel                      Tatooing.  Fine, whatever.

Guys Write for Guys Read     I recommend "The Crossing", "Just a Game", and the poem where every line starts with "Don’t".

Henry P. Baloney                    Adorable. Colorful. Funny.  Beautiful design.  Clever.

How to Eat Fried Worms       Easy to read.  Good for reluctant readers.

John, Paul, George & Ben    Beautiful design.  Clever, witty, sardonic.  Lots of Beatles in-jokes!

Love That Dog                       Adorable.  Good for reluctant readers.

Maniac Magee

Oops, I Did It Again               Hard to find, but worth it.  Short anecdotes about dealing with embarassment.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  A different world, yet the same.

Squids Will Be Squids           A laugh-riot!  Hysterical.  Beef lips!

Surviving The Applewhites

The House of Dies Drear (pronounced /Dees/)

The Keeper

The Outsiders

The Phantom Tollbooth        Inventive. Layers of meaning.  In every sense, a Language ART!

The Uglies/The Pretties          Children reap what parents sow — preoccupation with labels

The View from Saturday         A refreshing urban sense of humor.  How long has it been since you’ve written a bread-and-butter letter?

To Kill a Mockingbird                A cosmos of universal themes

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  Growing pains of a new country echoed in the spirit of a young boy 


"Books are, let’s face it, better than anything else."
Nick Hornby~The Polysyllabic Spree
[This blog is a hobby.  I have no business or personal connection
with any of the sellers listed in MINI-MALL other than being
a customer.  I am not making any financial profit from any of this.]


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Project on November 11, 2007 at 11:56 AM

    I\’ll be darned (being Idahoan as opposed to pure gutteral "elsewhere"). And my favorite book I read was Guide to Creative Writing, a college textbook from my jantor years at the local University..and..their other books of course, and now, I have to read Kafka or re-read..can\’t recall which, and strange, I can see his face, I must have read him.
    Kudos to you on the class criteria..excellant approach. But I\’m going to say that Animal farm had more impact on my young mind than any others from that period..a very young kid of course.
    So I wrote a blog on that just now..and off to bed having settled issues with poor Momma. Back on track, and finishing the outside when the rains stop. And, got another "documentary request" today, and said yes of course as I\’m going to put volumes of work out there and much that hasn\’t been dreamed of before me..maybe in the minds of "all the authors" I think?
    But my live environment act is physical and unsurpassed in a pool hall, a dance floor, or the whorehouses I worked in…maintenance man, and no, I don\’t touch the girls..ever.
    My poker career and casino I built is more experience that we\’ll "discuss" in both films maybe, having now had two requests and one is finished with filming of half of one already, an interview with example. The local newspaper published a short work a week or so ago and got overnight famous locally at least.
    The University in question has my "old grant" languishing there for ten years as "inactive, pending re-application," turds.
    And surprisingly to all, I\’m (was) the most popular conversation in Palestine..and Sweet Zeze, the teenage local Hammas leader is my orphan kid I took on at fourteen, now seventeen and accepted in Cairo at the University as "highest grades" in Palestine..I am soooo proud of her, and much more to the story, and, will be touched upon in the next filming.
    You could guess that I got orphan war kids all over the mid-east (all girls) true as the bloody soil is wet. I have only daughters is why that. I push quiet superiority, not equality on that gender question.
    And my background will attract as much attention as my recent mid-east essays on archaic Islamic law did, and I challenged in mecca, and got away with the case as "correct"…grudgingly of course as they truly wanted to kill me, but can\’t under Islamic law if I\’m right, and was…as in: "lest God had sent him here for that very purpose" and so forth on the issue of "contentious and contumacious," add "gossipy." Heard of it? (House rules for the monasteries in the dark ages excerpt).
    I intend television and wild, wild, wild…add unknown wild.
    Marketing is the issue, the goal, and the mountain yet to climb for me…but hey. If you fell off of the highest pinnacle to your untimely death, you must have climbed it at least once..right? You just feel the rock you touch, and blind is better for that.


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