Good professional books for english teachers #1

Everyone thinks they can write if they have to.  And when they realize that they can’t, they dismiss it as a waste of time or pointless.  Sometimes English teachers can write — sometimes they can’t.  Just because you can do the research and  compile the stats, you’re entire report can still turn out to sound like complete and utter bollix.  And then you write a book.  Lord, save us!
THE LITERATURE WORKSHOP–TEACHING TEXTS & THEIR READERS by Sheridan Blau is not bollix.  Not even close.  It’s a work of philosophy and research, full of wisdom, humor and irony. 
I had the pleasure of being in a workshop with Mr. Blau and it gave me my teaching heart back, the inspiration to coach students into better writing in order to be dazzled by their own creativity.
There’s tons of books out there for English teachers.  Most of them are written by EX-teachers.  Researchers.  Data junkies.  This book is written by someone who’s still actively teaching.  That alone warrants an examination of this text heavy, yet easily digestible books.

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