Anthologies — a good way to sell crap stories

This week I was reminded of why I should not waste good shekels on anthologies.  You buy the book for 1 story; the other story is halfway decent; then there’s the one that’s complete freaking INCOMPREHENSIBLE.  WTF?!  I’ve read a handful of these and the best/decent/rubbish formula is a given.  I should have bought the book on eBay or from an Amazon alternative seller, except that sometimes they poke your eyes out with s&h fees.
So in this anthology — HOT SPELL (excuse me while I die laughing), the BEST story is "The Breed Next Door".  I’m not satisfied with the ending, but overall, very pleasant.  "Falling For Anthony" and "Blood Kiss" are long-winded with glimpses of interesting vampire and paranormal stuff.  "The Countess’s Pleasure".  Omigah!  There’s an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back.  I read on, imploring the story to make some sense.  But no.  It was a crapfest from beginning to end.  If I decide to keep the book, I’m tearing out the 3 waste-of-time stories and keeping the Lora Leigh.  Really, what else can you do?  The cover is on my book list if you want to check it out.

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