— enabler of impulse buying

What can I tell ya.  When it comes to, self-control is some abstract "thing"  that happens to others.  Here’s a few goodies I picked up.  I read them, then trade them.  If the plot is really, really good, I’ll hang on to them for a while.  What I’d really like to do is sell them on eBay eventually — once I figure out how to set that up.  Apparently, there are some fees involved.
Hot Spell — anthology with stories by Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker, Meljean Brook
 — do I really need to read about it if I already live it?  I live in a desert as it is.  Don’t guess you can make a romantic title with "snow" in it.
Simon Says  — Lori Foster
 — don’t nobody tells me to do nuttin I don’t wanna do.  Except for the hawt! guy with the 8-pack.
Dangerous Lover — Lisa Marie Rice
— that remains to be seen.  I already have a problem with the cinderella theme of this story and I’ve only finished 2 chapters.
Harmony’s Way — Lora Leigh
— a fantastic series, but not every story is created equal.  I like series, but this one is out of control — different series that share characters, 2 different publishers.  Sheesh!
Soul Deep — Lora Leigh
— part of the same series as Harmony’s Way, but a different publisher and a different segment of characters yet still related.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep up with all these different sets of characters…wait…do I?

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