Welcome to The Festering Blurb: Bursting Open with Pungent Prose!

There’s nothing quite so exhilerating as jumping feet first into an exciting — and scary — new endeavor.  Nothing quite so stimulating as exploring new intellectual territory.  The freedom to write whatever I want about something I love makes me positively giddy!
To celebrate the grand opening of my blog, I’d like to present the two books that inspired me to take the plunge into this blogosphere.
The Polysyllabic Spree
Housekeeping vs. the Dirt
I like to refer to these as "books for people who hate books".  They are so easy to read, so funny, so full of what teachers call "voice". 
Technical details:
Author: Nick Hornby
Thumbs from www.amazon.com  (Can’t live without it!)]
Related to:  Believer magazine      www.believermag.com
Price:  $14.00 USD 
These books actually have quite good blurbs.  Informative, descriptive, and personal.  It helps that Hornby is one of those writers that makes it all look so easy — that’s a sure sign that he sweated over every sentence.  Writing is one of those processes where there’s so much going on beneath the surface.  Creativity, self-doubt, self-confidence, confusion, rationalization, endless questioning, crippling nitpicking — all of it festering beneath the surface, inflaming the spirit.  On the verge of bursting. 
And so, THE FESTERING BLURB has spurted to the top of my list of creative projects.
I want Hornby to come out with at least a couple more of these types of collections.  He writes for Believer magazine and these books are collections of his columns.  They are not just about the books, they are about the habits of a regular guy  who makes his life reading and reviewing books. 
Creative people have a lot on their minds.  It just goes with the territory, so don’t condemn them too much for their spaciness.  Creativity makes its own rules.  With that caveat in mind, Hornby includes hilarious asides that map the vast territory of his inner world.  There’s so much in those books that is quotable.  There are so many "Oh yeah, me too!" moments.  That’s why if you don’t read, you should read these books.  He is an "allesmensch" — I think that’s the expression.  (I just made it up based on what I know about German linguistics.)  He kvetches, he rationalizes shamelessly, he coins bizarre words ("Dylanologist").  What’s not to love?
I may or may not add more to this later on.  I reserve the right.
"Books are, let’s face it, better than anything else."
Nick Hornby~The Polysyllabic Spree
[This blog is a hobby.  I have no business or personal connection with amazon.com, Believer magazine or Nick Hornby. I am not making any financial profit from any of this.  These are just books I have around the house.]

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